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Introduction to networking for complete beginners

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Identify network devices

Describe the roles of a firewall

Understand Cisco certificates

Use config, ping, and traceroute commands

Check basic network connectivity

Have enough knowledge to join more advanced training


  • You have to know how to use Microsoft Windows, e.g. Windows XP/7/8


Do you know anything about networking? Not ready for MTA Servers / Networking, Comptia, VPN, or General Networking courses?

The solution is simple: “Introduction to networking for complete beginners”.

More than 80.000 students have joined this training! 5000+ reviews. Start today!

In this course, you will learn elementary networking concepts in 60 minutes.

  • Why do we need networks?
  • Basic commands: config, ping, traceroute
  • Introduction to the world of Cisco
  • How to start troubleshooting a home network
  • Wireless issues
  • How to start a career in IT
  • Bonus videos

The course is a perfect starting point before going for other courses I prepared for you like General Networking, MTA in Networking, or CCNA.

It is free for a limited time only!

Complete beginner’s guide to networking concepts. Join today

Contents and Overview

With 60 minutes of content including more than 15 lectures, this course covers the basics of networking concepts for complete beginners. Enjoy free bonus videos covering additional topics!

Students completing the course will have the knowledge to join courses like General Networking, MTA Servers Fundamentals, MTA Networking Fundamentals, VPNs, or CCNA. A lot of real-world examples help you apply your skills and make difficult topics much easier to understand.

Join today!

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are not ready for MTA or CCNA
  • Everybody who wants to learn basic networking concept
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