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Amazon Web Services – Learning and Implementing AWS Solution

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What you’ll learn

Learn how to do an end-to-end implementation of Amazon Web Services AWS

Get a head start in the complex AWS technologies of modern-day IT

Obtain the opportunity to learn more complex things in AWS later (e.g. SSHING)


  • Getting AWS account access will help you follow along in the training


Amazon Web Services is the single most revolutionizing phenomenon in implementing IT Infrastructure. Period. AWS turns infrastructure into service, making provisioning hardware fast, simple, and reliable. Knowing this, many companies are transporting their hardware needs to AWS. 

In order for you to be able to get into this new realm of intense Tech Entrepreneurship, you will need a course to guide your way in AWS. The problem is that most courses are not designed to help you learn by example (immersion is the most potent way of learning in humans). Rather they bathe you with inapplicable information that you have to learn over and over again anyways.

This course is designed to cover the end-to-end implementation of the major components of AWS. I also give you a base from which you can launch into advanced topics in AWS. You will be learning Storage, Computation, and Databases in the form of S3, EC2, or RDB.

I have made sure that this journey becomes a fun and learning experience for you as the student. I have architectured this course so that you can learn step by step how AWS works and you can do the activities that I do in the course yourself.

There is no risk for you as a student in this course. I have put together a course that is not only worth your money, but also worth your time. I urge you to join me on this journey to learn how to dominate the IT world with one of the most popular Infrastructure Services: AWS

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