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The future of
E-learning & Investment

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Join us in revolutionizing education with our unique Shared Ownership Model. Invest in your favorite courses and earn a passive income.


Shared Ownership
Business Model

Our Shared Ownership Business Model at Eduoze is designed to bring together investors and learners in a unique educational ecosystem.
Key Points:
Invest in Knowledge: Invest in course ownership, starting at just $1,000, and become a co-owner of premium courses across various subjects.

Accessible Education: Students benefit from high-quality courses at competitive prices, giving them affordable access to top-notch education and skill development.
Profitable Collaboration: As an investor, you'll receive 80% of the course revenue, creating a reliable source of passive income as the courses grow in popularity.

Community of Enthusiasts:Join a vibrant community of knowledge enthusiasts and contribute to the democratization of education, where education meets investment, and everyone thrives.








Our Vision

Learn from
THE BEST and become a master in every field.


Gain insights from the best in the business.


Explore a diverse range of subjects, with expertise.


Benefit from practical, real-world insights and experience.


Learn from the best to become the best.

Live discussion & Feedback

Participate in dynamic live discussions and receive valuable feedback.

Questions & Answers

Get your questions answered with our interactive Q&A sessions.

Lifetime Access to Course

Enjoy a lifetime of access to your courses, ensuring continuous learning.

Saved Course progress

Never lose track of your progress with saved course status at your fingertips.


Get access to most wanted courses.

Elevate your educational journey with Eduoze and open the door to a treasure trove of highly coveted courses, where you'll discover:
In-demand Expertise: Acquire the skills and knowledge that top employers are actively seeking in today's competitive job market.
Expert-Led Excellence: Learn from seasoned professionals who are dedicated to guiding you toward success in your chosen field, ensuring you become a master of your craft."

Get access to most wanted courses.

Get instant access to over 200 online courses.
Join 10,000 Students enrolled in the site.


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Become a Part-Owner of a course.

Earn a passive income while shaping the future of education.

Eduoze is designed to bring together investors and learners in a unique educational ecosystem.
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